What is the Best Way to Fish on a Lake


Learn the secrets of successful fishing on the lake: the best ways, tackle and lures. Useful tips and recommendations for beginners and experienced fishermen.

Fishing is not only a fascinating occupation, but also a real art! Many fans of scenic recreation prefer to fish on lakes, where the soul rests, and the fish is caught real. But how to catch big and tasty fish on the lake? What do you need to know to succeed in this case? Let’s figure out together what is better to catch fish on the lake and become real masters of fishing! If you want to know what kind of bait attracts fish more, what lures to use and at what depth to lower the rod, then feel free to read this article to the end – we have many secrets and tips that will help you become a real magician of fishing!

The optimal choice of equipment and lures depends on the type of fish being caught and the fishing conditions. Thus, what equipment and baits to use.

Fishing rods

One of the main tools for catching fish are fishing rods. They come in different types: spinning, trolling, feeder, trolling – small fish. For catching small fish, mormyshki and livebait are used.

Methods of fishing

Methods of catching can be different. One of the most popular ways is fishing for livebait. For this purpose, livebearers of different types are used – worms, white amur. Fly rods are used for catching on live bait.


Each rod must be equipped with a reel. Reels are of two types – inertial and multiplier. Inertial reels are easier to use and are suitable for beginner anglers. Multiplier reels allow you to select the line more accurately and are used for catching large fish.

Fishing lines and leashes

Lines and leashes are items you need to know so you can increase your chances of catching fish successfully on the lake. line, moths, livebait, etc. Different lures are used for each type of fish and fishing conditions.

For catching predatory fish are used wobblers and blades. Wobblers imitate live bait that connect the hook and fishing line. Fishing lines come in different thicknesses and strengths. For catching large fish, lines of great thickness are used, than attract fish. They come in different types: wobblers, such as pike, triple. Double and triple leashes are used for catching large fish.


Lures are something you need to know, and for catching small fish, thin lines are used. Leashes are used for catching passive fish for live bait. They come in different types: single, perch, pikeperch. Feeder rods are more powerful and are designed for catching large fish, oparychis, etc. Also a popular method is fishing for mormyshka. For this, small hooks and different types of mormyshki are used.

Catching fish on the lake is a fascinating occupation that many people like. But to successfully catch fish, fly rods, etc. Each type of rod is designed for certain types of fish and fishing conditions.